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Cardiology consultation

About the service

Commonly, pets visit for their annualvaccinations, wellness checks, and variousother reasons. Undoubtedly, this stands as oneof the most critical aspects of preventive care.We’ve consistently engaged with thecommunity in Qatar and their beloved pets.During these visits, our AVC doctors oftendetect incidental cardiac abnormalities thatrequire further attention. Despite being silentand initially having no notable impact on thepets, these conditions progress slowly untilthey become severe. However, it’s entirelypossible to identify cardiac issues in their earlystages just by identifying these abnormalsounds. Even before pets show any signs ofheart disease, we can detect cardiac murmurs,irregular rhythms, and abnormal pulses,allowing timely treatment.

After being informed that your dog or cat has anuncommon heart sound discovered incidentallyduring a routine check-up, our doctors at AVC will
refer you to our in-house cardiologist for a thoroughevaluation of its source, potential risks, and theunderlying cause of this unusual sound.Comprehensive tests such as echocardiography (acardiac scan), ECG, and, at times, chest radiographymight be necessary to ensure an accurate diagnosis.

During a cardiology examination at AVC, your pet willrest comfortably on a cushion, while a heart scan isconducted. The lighting is usually dimmed, allowingmost of them to doze off or relax during theprocedure.

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