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Cardiology consultation

About the service

Commonly, puppies and elderly pets walk-in for annual vaccination, annual wellness checks and in general for many other reasons. Indeed, this is one of the most important events we’ve used to constantly get in touch with the community in Qatar and with your pets. During those visits, our doctors at AVC commonly find incidentally cardiac abnormal sounds that require further attention and despite being silent and not particularly affecting the pets, they progress slowly till it is very late. However, it is possible to address in the early stage any cardiac disease just by finding these abnormal sounds. Cardiac murmurs, abnormal rhythm, the abnormal pulse can be detected even before the pets have any sign of heart disease and thus can be treated on time.
After being informed that your dog or cat has an unusual sound in the heart incidentally found during a general check-up, our doctors at AVC will recommend a cardiologist to deeply evaluate the origin, risk and recognize the reason for this abnormal sound. Echocardiography (cardiac scan), ECG and sometimes chest radiography might be necessary to perform a proper diagnosis.
During a cardiology visit at AVC, your pet will be resting on a comfortable pillow while a scan is performed to their heart, the lights most of the time are off, so most of them fall asleep or they relax during the process.

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