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Our services

Clinical care

Responsible pet ownership means responsible pet health care. Pets need care and attention to keep them happy, healthy and safe.

Relocation Request

Let your fur-pets join every part of your journey, we make it easy! Export and Import We got you covered. We look forward to caring for your pets.


Vaccination is much more than an injection. Make sure you protect your pet and keep them safe by keeping up to date with their vaccinations.

Consultation & outpatient services

The first visit consultation is the beginning of a long term relationship between the doctor and your pet which would give more insights into your pet care.


endoscopy - allows veterinarians to investigate certain areas of your pet’s body that would either be inaccessible or only accessible by surgery.

Veterinary Dentistry

When it comes to keeping up with your pet's health, pet parents should never overlook the importance of oral hygiene.

Parasite Prevention

Maintaining a clean environmentfor your pets is an integral part ofparasite prevention


Most common elective pet surgery procedures include spay, neuter, dental extractions and soft tissue surgery.

Ultrasonography & x-ray

The most common imaging procedures which will help in arriving at an accurate diagnosis in a short period of time.

In house laboratory

We are fully equipped with advanced machinery and equipment which helps us to get all necessary diagnostic results as quickly as possible.


microchipping your pet and listing your contact details with a national database will help you to identify lost pets.

Cardiology consultation

Cardiac murmurs, abnormal rhythm, the abnormal pulse can be detected even before the pets have any sign of heart disease and thus can be treated on time.

Grooming-inhouse & mobile

Your furry kids need more than just aesthetics, sometimes it just needs to be pampered and fussed upon.

Preventive medicine

When we talk about preventive care in pets we do medically speak about preventing diseases in the long run.